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At Southard Dental, we have a diverse team of experienced dental professionals in Tulsa who are dedicated to providing our patients with gentle dental care they can afford and trust.

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Dr. Wrany Southard | Tulsa Dentist

Dr. Wrany Southard


About Southard Dental

Our goal at Southard Dental is to help our patients achieve beautiful, healthy smiles with preventative, restorative and cosmetic dentistry in a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.

Let’s face it! Going to a Tulsa dentist is not high on most people’s list of fun things to do. Southard Dental has been providing top-notch dental services with a caring touch to the Tulsa Metro area. Dr. Wrany Southard is Tulsa’s Gentle Dentist.

Whether you need routine care, restoration, teeth whitening, or more, the team at Southard Dental will take the time to make you comfortable and perfect your smile again.

Why Choose Us?

We fix people’s teeth who feel like their mouths are hopeless, giving them a complete smile makeover to enter into the world with and achieve their goals feeling proud and not self-conscious about the appearance of their teeth.

Friendly Care

You will notice immediately how friendly our staff is on the phone or in person. Our office environment feels like going home to family. We share in each other’s lives outside the office and believe that an office that gets along is better equipped to serve its patients and treat them like friends and family.

Experienced Dentists

Dr. Southard has been in practice nearly 20 years. Having treated thousands of patients and attended countless hours of Continuing Education courses, Dr. Southard has the experience and expertise to treat your needs effectively and safely.

Alway Do Our Best

Our Tulsa dentist cannot sleep at night until he knows he has done his best work for his patients. You can tell by his demeanor and excellent explanation that he wants you and him to succeed together in all aspects of your treatment.

Affordable Treatments

Dr. Southard maintains competitive fees compared to other dentists. We were the first in Tulsa to offer certain types of financing. Flexible payment plans that don’t require credit checks in some cases help patients get the help they need.

Painless Procedures

Dr. Southard is known as “Tulsa’s Gentle Dentist”. He works on each patient as if they were his own children. Probably the hardest aspect of being a dentist is that the doctor is kind and never wants to hurt anyone. We use the best-known techniques and best anesthetics to achieve complete comfort in the chair.

Honest Care

We’re after your hearts, not wallets. Honest consultations that are in the best interest of your teeth, not our pockets.

Affordable Treatments, Honest & Experienced Dentist, & Friendly Care.

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Dr. Southard’s Blog

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