Restorative Dental Care

About Crowns & Bridges


Bridges replace missing teeth and are permanent, not removable like dentures and partials. However they do depend on healthy, adjacent teeth for support. They can be fabricated from all ceramics, yellow/white gold, or combination of porcelain and gold. Usually they are made metal free and look just like real teeth. If crowning adjacent teeth for the purpose of a bridge does not appeal to you then you may have an implant placed and have a single crown placed on the implant for a little more cost. If the adjacent teeth need crowns, a bridge can fix both problems in one procedure which can save you lots of money.


Crowns are made usually from all ceramics at Southard Dental, but combinations of yellow/white gold or porcelain can be used as well. Crowns are single units for individual teeth. Any dental procedure which employs all-ceramic materials is considered “cosmetic dentistry”. Bridges are similar to crowns, but span over multiple teeth to support areas that are missing teeth.